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Our History

The soul of our wines

Our story begins in 1938 when our grandfather José decides to plant Grapes and Apples in the Curicó Valley of Chile. Farming is in our blood. We’ve been farming for 3 generations. For years we sold our fruit in the domestic market. Until José Crispi jr. decides it was time our brands had to be enjoyed by others. Terraustral is our family`s legacy we’ve continued until today.

A family owned operation committed to producing high quality wines at a great value. “Behind our wines, are our vines and our passion for viticulture. Our wines reflect all magic corners of our Chilean land”.

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Are among the first places of preference across the world.

The Wine

The different valleys that we grow and produce, allows us to obtain a wide range of red and white wines.


The soils are all of alluvial origin, of thick textures with different degrees of salinization and sodification


The exceptional wine conditions in the area allow obtaining a wider range of grape varieties.


Our grapes are carefully selected to age in French Oak barrels, giving them character and intensity.

More Than Wine

Winemaking Philosophy

Currently our winemakers and winegrower work together observing the soil and the stars, to obtain the best possible fruit and thus produce the best wines, always innovative and of first quality, from vineyards of the most interesting wine valleys in the country.

Meet Us

The Soul of Wines

Our History

Chilean Valleys

Lush valleys of grape vines growing some of the world’s best wines

Central Valley

The Central Valley of Chile extend across three regions: Valparaíso, Libertador Bernardo O’ Higgins and Maule. All three feature similar geographies, although each one boasts its particular identity revealed in the centuries-old traditions cultivated by the first inhabitants in the countryside and along the Pacific coast.

Maule Valley

Surprising and representative in its wine production, this area of very old vines “heart of the Chilean countryside” has the river maule as a driver accompanies strains and musts this journey through the senses and our culture.

Casablanca Valley

This fertile valley is characterized by the refined preparation of white wine in its Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. There is a glass of white wine waiting for you in the many wineries that fill the beautiful vineyards of Chile’s central valley with flavor not to be missed.