The Spirit


Sunrise of the new sun

Tripantu is the Mapuche celebration of the return of the sun and is sometimes called the Mapuche New year.

The celebration coincides with the winter solstice as Chile’s largest indigenous group comes together to bid farewell to the harvest season and usher in the sowing season by honouring the sun.

Together, they celebrate their coexistence with the sun, the land, nature and the seasons as the natural cycle starts over.


The beating of drums, the ringing of bells, the chanting of voices lifting above the din.

Chilean Araucaria

T r i p a n t u ® a n c e s t r a l s p i r i t ®

The Soul of our Wines

The Wine

The different valleys that we grow and produce, allows us to obtain a wide range of red and white wines.


The soils are all of alluvial origin, of thick textures with different degrees of salinization and sodification.


The exceptional wine conditions in the area allow obtaining a wider range of grape varieties.


Our grapes are carefully selected to age in French Oak barrels, giving them character and intensity.

More Than Wine

Winemaking Philosophy

Currently our winemakers and winegrower work together observing the soil and the stars, to obtain the best possible fruit and thus produce the best wines, always innovative and of first quality, from vineyards of the most interesting wine valleys in the country.